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Synonyms for curvilinear

deviating from a straight line

Synonyms for curvilinear

characterized by or following a curved line


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Noble's purchase combines our industry- leading curvilinear laser welding capabilities and Noble's operational excellence, quality, technology and broad customer relationships.
Noble's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Emmitt, stated, "The acquisition of LWI provides us with advanced capabilities in curvilinear welding and significantly expands our presence with an important customer.
The handsomely proportioned furniture here has been specially designed for the Girbauds and, mostly made by Neotu (Techno-Legno made the metal hanging systems), includes a wood and glass desk, again for displaying clothes, curving wooden cash desks and a number of curvilinear seats.
Characteristic of the Olmsted Brothers' design principles, Dunn Gardens incorporates numerous features of the natural landscape and curvilinear pathways leading to unexpected views.
These collectively enable the surgeon to create curvilinear scars in the heart muscle or walls.
Even the prime accoutrements of Rococo ornament, the cartouche, the curvilinear pattern, and the elaborated border, remain in evidence.
On the All Saints Street elevation, for example, the curvilinear stair towers extruded from the angular blocks are rendered in luscious terracotta; on Lavina Street, the entrance porches that conceal the clutter of bin stores and meter cupboards are painted duck-egg blue.
Utilizing the patented Eustis Joint(R), Professor Robert Eustis is developing elegant chair designs with modern curvilinear shapes expressed with the traditional warmth of wood materials.
It includes two interconnected, curvilinear buildings enclosing a series of gardens.
The painting is a diptych comprising vertical sheets of paper, and considering the curvilinear sweep of rhythms it is a bit of a shock to discover that the halves of the work are structurally and compositionally independent of each other.
At this point of arrival, which is articulated with a beautiful, simple curvilinear counter in white marble, it is also possible to see out into the paseo and across into the western wing of the museum and vice versa.
5 circumferential microcatheter and the REVELATION T-Flex 16-3 linear shapeable microcather to form circumferential, curvilinear, and straight linear lesions.
In the seventeen traps on display here, which date from 1995 to the present, form (in the sense of shape or structure) is absolutely distinct from one piece to the next, as are material and color: There are rectilinear and curvilinear structures, as well as essentially amorphous ones (like Rat Trap, 1995, made of an Ethiopian coffee sack).
Boris FX for SOFTIMAGE DS offers artists an award winning, analog style 3-D DVE with extensive controls for curvilinear effects -- ripples, waves and bulges as well as an excellent chroma keyer and page turn.
Rafael Vinoly's sketches on a First Class Menu from a Pan Am flight, reveal the double curvilinear geometry in the logo, that reversed, produce the lens shaped plan-form of the Glass Hall.