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Synonyms for curvet

a light leap by a horse in which both hind legs leave the ground before the forelegs come down


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perform a leap where both hind legs come off the ground, of a horse

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The world plunges, Shies, snorts, and curvets like a horse in danger.
whinnies with her eyes, she dilates her nostrils, she wiggles her crupper, she curvets, she suddenly goes into a short dog-trot--And then I stand with my arms folded, following her complacently with my eyes, and considering whether she should be ridden on a bit or a snaffle, whether I should give her an English or a Polish saddle--and so forth--.
Now you will see them dance in curvets, now retreat, approach, advance, separate, withdraw, close ranks, reform with a narrow point, now with a broader one, imitating war in a semblance of peace, crossed and interlaced from the side and from an angle, now in a circle and now in a square, as in a labyrinth, whose wandering path confuses our steps in its various paths.
Undergoing a transvaluation of their market uses, they redefine the East India "clerk" as scholar, a sort of Chaucerian "clerk of Oxenford": "The enfranchised quill, that has plodded all the morning among the cart-rucks of figures and ciphers, frisks and curvets so at its ease over the flowery carpet-ground of a midnight dissertation.
The sound of our light guns, which I recognised so well, did not fail to rouse me into a state of excitement; and as an old war-horse prances and curvets at the shrill ringing of the trumpet, I felt the blood pour like electric fire through my veins .