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Samsung claims that the curved shape provides the best viewing experience as the human eye is also curved.
The three-in-one brush using 1K technology impresses with its curved shape and two innovative sides: One intensifies and creates a perfect sweep on even the shortest lashes while the second precisely separates and creates clearly defined lashes.
Footbridges have been featured at the pond since 1877, usually in the classic curved shape, but there was a flat bridge in place from 1940 to 1970.
The new UHD TV models deliver unrivaled picture quality due to the combination of UHD TV's great details and curved shape providing a more immersive experience and enhanced sense of presence, said a company statement.
Designed in a curved shape with three teaching wings, All Saints has 14 classrooms, four language teaching labs, science labs and music rooms.
The Pakka wood handles are handcrafted in Japan and are designed with a curved shape contoured to the palm of the hand for an ergonomic feeling that enhances cutting performance.
Since the moon has no atmosphere, its curved shape can be seen clearly, and the line of its shadow is crisp and clean.
Swedish duo Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindstrom of studio O4i promise the multifaceted curved shape of their new Dent chair for Bla Station "cradles the body in a comfortable way, stretching the use of the wood veneer to an absolute maximum," Kjellberg says.
2, thanks to the new Curved shape the working face remains large and the force deflection on the edge is optimised.
Most of it was angled steel but there was this curved shape.
Using one of the drawings, trace the curved shape onto a piece of heavy cardboard from a cardboard box.
Eliminating the need for outer handles, the innovative design incorporates an effortless opening operation, which coupled with its slick curved shape creates truly beautiful minimalism.
The unlocked GSM mobile phone is named for its unique curved shape, designed to facilitate comfortable calling and messaging.
In the meantime, get cracking on this month's teaser: Big plans are afoot to restore this building to its former glory Answer from October: Equipoint With its iconic curved shape and ten storeys, Equipoint is a landmark building located on the A45, halfway between Birmingham city centre and the airport.
The Gensler-designed offices each have distinct floor plans that highlight the curved shape of the building with glass interior walls.