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This is different to rumors earlier in the year that suggested the next iPhone might have more of a curved shape.
The unlocked GSM mobile phone is named for its unique curved shape, designed to facilitate comfortable calling and messaging.
In the meantime, get cracking on this month's teaser: Big plans are afoot to restore this building to its former glory Answer from October: Equipoint With its iconic curved shape and ten storeys, Equipoint is a landmark building located on the A45, halfway between Birmingham city centre and the airport.
The Gensler-designed offices each have distinct floor plans that highlight the curved shape of the building with glass interior walls.
The curved shape of the plane's wings provided rift, or upward force, keeping the plane aloft even when wrong side up.
Introduced today by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the new Poise Hourglass Shape Pads is a premium line extension, offering a curved shape that improves fit while providing the same excellent protection consumers expect from the Poise brand.
Philips claim the unusual curved shape of the unit reduces internal reflection, meaning less distortion.
Note the curved shape of "tentacle " and how "vampire " hangs upside-down like a bat.
The flat curved shape of the introducer allowed access that could not be achieved with conventional laryngoscopes.
The builder designed and constructed the centre with a curved shape to represent the idea of it providing a "big hug" following suggestions from youngsters who have been helped by the agency.
The new look has a curved shape, while the labelling has been overhauled to give a bright, transparent and modern look.
The Reversing Arrow--When you pour water into the glass, the water takes the curved shape of the glass, creating a lens.
The climate-controlled cab has 10 vents for maximum air circulation and its curved shape and large windows provide the operator with 3600 visibility.
The curved shape is designed to make combing and detaining the hair easier.
This condition I the cause of which is unknown I affects men mainly over the age of 40 and is characterised by hard lumps on one side of the penis that make it bend and give it a curved shape.