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a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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Another interesting disclosure was that, despite the vital need to get straight all the facts about Curveball's testimony -- given the stakes involved in launching a pre-emptive strike against another sovereign state -- the Americans never bothered to interview Curveball themselves.
Initially thinking that someone or something is at fault for the curveball will generate destructive feelings.
With Auburn already leading, 2-1, in the third inning, catcher Pat Germain took a 1-1 curveball and deposited it onto the berm over the right-center field fence to put Auburn up, 3-1.
Powell's speech to the United Nations on February 5, 2003, had cited intelligence about Saddam' bio-weapons programme gained from a defector codenamed Curveball.
This nonsense claimed by Curveball traversed tensions between partner intelligence agencies and internecine battles within the CIA to provide a pretext for the invasion.
Halliday had his sharp breaking curveball working early and often en route to a compete-game five-hitter with nine strikeouts as Auburn remained undefeated in the tournament with a 2-0 victory over Johnston, R.
Billingsley used his curveball again to strike out Bautista and work out off what could have been a mess.
As Chart 2 shows, the chart consists of 40 rectangular strike zones marked fastball or curveball.
Curveball, you will recall, was the CIA's source for the fiction about Iraq's mobile biological weapons laboratories that the Bush admin peddled to justify the war.
Then came another curveball in 1992: She developed cancer.
Start by stretching out your fingers and squeezing a softball - using your fastball, curveball, and change-up grips.
This real-time three-dimensional rendering of actual pitches graphically illustrates the difference between a slider, curveball, forkball or fastball -- enhancing the broadcast for commentators and viewers alike.
This has got to be the top of the line as far as anything I've done,'' said Rudebusch, who thrived with an effective curveball.
I did that research in the fall of 1974, and it made me realize I needed to have a curveball, something to throw to the first-base corner of home plate, because my screwball was a good pitch to the third-base corner of home plate, and my fastball was good to the third-base corner.
The system will identify and display the difference between a slider, curveball, forkball or fastball.