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Synonyms for curvature

Synonyms for curvature

something bent

Synonyms for curvature

(medicine) a curving or bending

the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve

the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface

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Different normal sections correspond to different curvatures at the evaluated point, and the maximum and minimum values of these curvatures are called the principal curvatures [k.
While a third recirculation loop is created in the upper part of the vessel for the curvatures Rc* = 5/30 and Rc* = 7/30, which can enhance the mixing efficiency but with instabilities in the free surface of liquid.
It is posited that sister earths are located at the points of constant curvature; more accurately, these are the points where two oppositely directed highways (or paths) with identical constant curvatures share a moving tangent frame where the coordinate frame is the derivative of their gravitational tensors with respect to the (x) coordinate.
5 inches screen with curvatures makes the perfect fit for eyes and the grip.
Several results involving the pointwise constancy of the p-sectional curvatures of an almost contact metric manifold (i.
The curvature signal corresponding to the first video frame is aligned to a curvature template belonging to a pre-established dictionary of contour curvatures of human extremities.
As it may be seen from the Table 1, all the age groups had prevailing number of boys (correlation B/G [approximately equal to] 3:1), With age increasing frequency of nasal septum curvatures gradually increased (correlation of age groups approximately--1:2,1:4,6).
To reveal these cell mechano-biological responses to substrate curvatures, we have introduced a novel, simple, and flexible class of substrates, polyacrylamide gels embedded with micro glass balls ranging in diameter from 5 mm to 2 mm, to culture cells," Yang said.
Our cell culture experiments imply that this class of substrates, micro glass ball embedded gels, can be useful tools to study cell mechano-biological responses to substrate curvatures, related cell and tissue engineering researches, and biomedical applications, such as cancer detection and treatment, and the control of stem cell differentiations, for example:"
To determine the difference in mean corneal curvatures before and after pterygium excision, by using automated refraction and keratometry.
In order to simplify some calculations, we choose on S the parametrization given by curvatures lines, which means: (*) F = M = 0.
If the curvature diagram degenerates to exactly one point then the surface has two constant principal curvatures which is possible only for a piece of a plane, a sphere or a circular cylinder.
5), discusses three advantages of using mean cuvature maps: First, it characterizes the local surfaces more completely by averaging curvatures along two principal axes at a given point on the cornea.