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Synonyms for curvature

Synonyms for curvature

something bent

Synonyms for curvature

(medicine) a curving or bending

the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve

the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface

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Different normal sections correspond to different curvatures at the evaluated point, and the maximum and minimum values of these curvatures are called the principal curvatures [k.
a - blade width, m; ds - shaft diameter, m; c - impeller off-bottomed clearance, m; d - impeller diameter, m; b - blade height , m; W - baffle length, m; D - tank diameter, m; H - liquid level, m; N - impeller rotational speed, 1/s; P - power, W, [omega] - direction of impeller rotation; Np power number, dimensionless; R - radial coordinate, m; R* - dimensionless radial coordinate, R* = R/D; Re Reynolds number, dimensionless; Rc* - radius of the baffle curvature, dimensionless; [V.
The important first step is to find pathways (or space highways) with constant curvatures.
In this way, he established a relationship between sectional curvature function and the shape operator for submanifolds in real space forms [7] and another relationship between the Ricci curvature and the squared mean curvature [9].
Character of curvatures of bony and cartilaginous sections of nasal septum among operated 194 patients is demonstrated in Table 3.
Our cell culture experiments imply that this class of substrates, micro glass ball embedded gels, can be useful tools to study cell mechanobiological responses to substrate curvatures, related cell and tissue engineering researches, and biomedical applications, such as cancer detection and treatment, and the control of stem cell differentiations, for example.
Conversely, if a is a null Cartan curve in E4 parameterized by pseudo-arc s, with curvatures k4 (s) = 1, [k.
The mean and standard deviation were calculated for the corneal curvatures and the refractive cylinder before and after the operation.
In Section 3E of [3] the Gaussian curvature is defined as
If the curvature diagram degenerates to exactly one point then the surface has two constant principal curvatures which is possible only for a piece of a plane, a sphere or a circular cylinder.
5), discusses three advantages of using mean cuvature maps: First, it characterizes the local surfaces more completely by averaging curvatures along two principal axes at a given point on the cornea.
Covariant derivatives and curvatures with respect to (M,g) will be written in the usual manner, while those with respect to the ambient manifold ([?