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an abrupt discourteous manner

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Its polite curtness instantly shattered my bubble of hotel loveliness - little round soaps, a fridge full of soft drinks, and those cute mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner - poof, all gone in one fell swoop.
The curtness of Gus Poyet's postmatch briefing told its own depressing story.
As has been said, Janacek's influence is not too evident in Kapral's music, with perhaps occasional flashes in the form of the typical curtness, brevity of ideas and the characteristic expressivity or modal (flexible diatonic) thinking.
issue," as are comments about poor bedside manner and curtness.
He did not witness the abuse but said he noticed his family's curtness towards his father.
Having gone off" to a camp every summer since I was six, I could not imagine how Cantor Edelstein lost his hand at a camp, but the curtness of her explanation--along with my father's pursed lips--conveyed that I should not delve further.
On the other hand, if he or she treats internal customers with curtness, condescension or lack of feeling, the workflow does not instantly stop.
FEISTY FACTOR: She shows paradoxical displays of arrogance, warmth, passion, wit, and vulnerability, and the customary curtness of her background as a Borg drone.
She would speak to the Samburu women with equal curtness, scolding the pishi for overcooking her hash as she might have any day.
In addition, Bolano's homage folies need a crispness and a curtness to sustain their force.
She flinched and paled, and told herself that her curtness should have been unexpected, because he was ethnic.
You need to be more sensitive to how residents view your answers and how you handle inquiries; the perception is one of either abrasiveness or curtness," Mr.
US officials in Iraq greet questions about the site with a curtness that borders on hostility.
Elizabeth is brought close to tears by his curtness, 'she felt herself go weak.
121) The curtness of this resembles Pigott's one-word definition of justice as "obsolete:'