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Synonyms for curtly

in a curt, abrupt and discourteous manner


References in classic literature ?
At first he declared that the prince had trusted him with his confidences as to "a certain person" (Nastasia Philipovna), but that of late his friendship had been thrust back into his bosom, and his innocent question as to "approaching family changes" had been curtly put aside, which Lebedeff declared, with tipsy tears, he could not bear; especially as he knew so much already both from Rogojin and Nastasia Philipovna and her friend, and from Varvara Ardalionovna, and even from Aglaya Ivanovna, through his daughter Vera.
Well," said he, curtly, "you are nearly half an hour late.
No," said Mary, curtly, with a little toss of her head.
Yes, an it be any of your affair," replied Philip curtly.
You'd be a blackguard if you did," Trent answered curtly.
He took a cigarette from the box, curtly inviting Aynesworth to do the same.
Well, if we've lost the road we must find it,' said Nikita curtly, and getting out and stepping lightly on his pigeon-toed feet he started once more going about on the snow.
The stage-hand nodded curtly, then reached down and gently caressed Michael's bruised head.
He nodded curtly and made for the door, dodging acquaintances as he went.
He is a bloody robber," said the trader, curtly, "and I wish I saw him kicking at the end of a halter.
I don't want his remembrances," said Miss Cornelia, curtly.
Reginald Brott again, I suppose," she remarked curtly.
Cover up," he directed the attendants curtly, without another look, and, saluted by the constable, carried off his spoil hastily.
Oh, he's a queer fellow," said Tom, curtly, "and he's as sulky as can be with me, because I told him his father was a rogue.
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