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the enclosed land around a house or other building

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Using the beeper, the agents obtained information they could not have obtained from outside the curtilage of the house: namely, that the can of ether was inside.
The Dunn Court ruled that the barn was not within the curtilage of the house.
The Court also will consider the extent to which a guest invited into an apartment for a few hours has standing to challenge a search by the government and whether an unenhanced observation by an officer outside an apartment window while standing in a publicly accessible area but within an area regarded as curtilage constituted a search.
At the same time as forming the matrix which structured social life, houses defined individual territory: the wall of the curtilage was the (semi-permeable) membrane between public and private life.
S Wightman, change of use of land to domestic |and building of detached garage (within curtilage of a listed building and within a conservation area), 23 Royles Head Lane, Longwood.
But a South Tyneside Council spokesman said: "Mr Forster built this wall on land that fell outside his residential curtilage, that was once shown as part of an improvement scheme to straighten Whitburn Road.
The unique film, now housed in the National Museum of Wales in Aberyst-wyth, was made by cinematograph pioneers, James Mitchell and Segar Kenyon, and although little more than two minutes of footage survive, it shows the players emerging from the Turf Hotel, which to this day remains the only public house within the curtilage of a British football ground.
Guidance issued by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, has for the first time declared the curtilage of a property as 'previously developed' land, making it almost impossible for councils to refuse planning permission for new development.
I WOULD like to thank the people of Whitchurch for writing objection letters and signing the petition (155 signatures) against renewal of planning permission to convert the Grade II listed Pines mansion house (now The Pines Dental Surgery) into four one-bedroom flats and to build seven houses in two blocks on the curtilage.
The listed part of a building could be any aspect of the interior, exterior or curtilage (the ground around the house).
Incorporation of land into residential curtilage of No.
They had carried out extensive alterations to an outbuilding within the curtilage of a house with listed building status.
Caerphilly Labour AM Jeff Cuthbert, who opened an exhibition of Spanish Civil War memorabilia in the Assembly's milling area, said, 'I very much hope the House Committee will agree to a plaque being placed somewhere within the curtilage of the Assembly estate.
The majority of Station Road facing Heilbronn Way would be eligible as well as works needed to the main roof and in some circumstances the curtilage of any property as well.
While we all realise the importance of protecting the Green Belt and would prefer brownfield development, the definition of 'previously developed land' (a brownfield site) according to the Government's guidance is land that 'is or was occupied by a permanent structure' and, crucially in my opinion, the definition 'covers the curtilage of the development'.