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(obsolete) cut short

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The pejorative development of curtal was so far-fetched that already in the 17th century it was entrenched in the relevant location of the attributive path of DOMAIN OF CHARACTER, BEHAVIOUR AND MORALITY highlighting the value (PROSTITUTE).
Moreover there is the question of proportion: whereas "The Wreck" and the early poems occupy about half of Easson's analysis, for example, "God's Grandeur" gets only one paragraph and "Pied Beauty" only two sentences, with no information on such an important topic as the curtal sonnet.
They will bring along an array of instruments played in Tudor times - bagpipes, crumhorns, curtal, fiddle, gittern, harp, hurdy gurdy, lute, percussion, pipes, rebec, recorders, renaissance violin, sackbut, shawms, tabors and trumpets.
Indeed, as in `Pied Beauty', we want not the whole of the old form and not exactly a new form, but an old form broken: a curtal sonnet; not merely a veil, and a temple, but the veil of the temple rent.
Joining the ensemble will be lutenist Elizabeth Pallett, Keith MacGowan playing curtal, shawm, pipes and percussion, and singer Natalie Clifton-Griffith, who last performed in Warwick in December with Ex Cathedra.
One might best see Soothsay as Rossetti's homage to The Rubaiyat, its fourteen eight syllable curtal and disturbed rhyme royal stanzas (Rossetti's aabbcca rather than the standard ababbcc rhyme pattern) as distinct poems analogous to FitzGerald/Khayyam's collection of 75 discontinuous four-line stanzas.
They will play music by composers such as Praetorius, Gervaise and Morley, on the crumhorn, viols and a curtal.
They almost consume the first six lines of the curtal sonnet "Peace":
Glory be to God for dappled things" Hopkins exclaims in his curtal sonnet "Pied Beauty.
She was carrying some ninety-six guns, among them thirty-three serpentines, twenty-six stone guns, ten murderers, five brass curtals, five brass falcons, besides six guns in her tops.
This last material is then elaborated in the chapters on specific instrument families: shawms, curtals (dulcians), krummhorns, and other cylindrical- and conical-bore instruments.