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Synonyms for curtain



curtain something off

Synonyms for curtain

Synonyms for curtain

any barrier to communication or vision

Related Words

provide with drapery

References in classic literature ?
He consents without a murmur, all join in a joyful chorus, and the curtain falls upon the lovers kneeling to receive Don Pedro's blessing in attitudes of the most romantic grace.
The patterns on the gold-worked curtains ran up and down, melting and reforming as the folds shook and quivered to the night wind; and when the talk grew more earnest the jewelled forefinger snapped out little sparks of light between the embroideries.
Without the recess are curtains of an exceedingly rich crimson silk, fringed with a deep network of gold, and lined with silver tissue, which is the material of the exterior blind.
Then, seeing that nothing happened, and that the light and all outside the tower remained the same, he softly pulled the curtain over the window.
Instinctively he give the curtains a twitch, and sent them swinging down their poles.
Rodney spoke with such decision that when he raised his arm Katharine expected him to draw the curtain instantly.
Then just as he was ready to put it down to a trick of imagination he saw trembling movements where the two curtains joined.
She drew the curtain, and Margaret uttered a cry of despair.
He withdrew the curtains, noticing, to his surprise, the heavy shutters which their folds had partly concealed.
It being Sunday, the four were free from work, and they had come early, to work harder than on any week day, washing walls and windows, scrubbing floors, laying carpets and linoleum, hanging curtains, setting up the stove, putting the kitchen utensils and dishes away, and placing the furniture.
In justice to myself, I noiselessly arranged the curtains so that I could both see and hear.
The servant opened this door, and led me on a few yards to a second; opened that also, and disclosed two curtains of pale sea-green silk hanging before us; raised one of them noiselessly; softly uttered the words, "Mr.
It looks as if the man got into the house after four when the curtains were drawn, and before six when the bridge was raised.
When the curtain at last fell, he burst into the stormiest applause, and kept it up--as did the whole house--until the afflictive tenor had come three times before the curtain to make his bow.
She could look at it because the curtain had been drawn aside.