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not provided with curtains



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The orphanage was a crumbling, curtainless block in a town run by organised crime.
Boasting scenic views as far as the eye can see, the lounge features a stunning cathedral-style ceiling with wooden beams and a huge curtainless window which stretches from the ceiling to the floor - at the highest point it measures around 22ft.
They have been spotted hoping for a glimpse of the 31-year-old I'm A Celebrity star through curtainless windows.
2million pounds house hoping for a glimpse of her through curtainless windows.
The one curtainless window overlooked a parking lot.
We were greeted by the odd sight of Pinter's louchely reclining characters with a frantic stagehand behind them haplessly tugging at the curtain, and it was 15 minutes before the now curtainless performance resumed.
They have sat in unfamiliar living rooms as I looked out through curtainless windows and wondered how long it would be before I saw a familiar face at the supermarket.
A single row of tall, curtainless, plate-glass windows are framed by simple wood shutters.
It was very refreshing to see after so many curtainless windows and plain beige walls featured in some of the recent houses of this genre.
The one-act opera in six scenes began in darkness except for the curtainless window to the street behind the opera house.
With garden walls guarding your privacy and security, you can open up street-facing rooms with glass doors or curtainless windows, bringing in more daylight and playing up the courtyard connection.
We both watched the dumpy retreating figure of the health visitor through the curtainless windows.
A bare, curtainless stage and minimal costuming served as reminders that when movement and music meld they need no distractions.
They have been spotted hoping for a glimpse of the 31year-old I'm A Celebrity star through curtainless windows.