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a circular ring for holding up a curtain

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Attach small groups of shells to the tops of gold curtain rings with glue to create artistic napkin rings.
When government realizes that self-produced plastic shower curtain rings are far more potentially disruptive than self-produced plastic pistols, it'll be more than libertarian entrepreneur-iconoclasts at risk.
Create an unusual mobile from different lengths and sizes of old stair spindles, wooden curtain rings and crystals.
The dress of the woman on the right is decorated with rows of dentalium shells, with a bead fringe ending in what appear to be small curtain rings.
He added: "I could have done without those curtain rings in my ears.
Neon + Squared Shower Curtain Rings, $50 for 12 rings.
In 1947 my mother gave me a small cardboard box containing half a dozen brass curtain rings, half a dozen men's tiepins, some coloured strips of plastic and a card of plastic buttons.
17 Use ribbon ties instead of curtain rings on shower curtains.
1 plastic 3-gallon lawn/garden sprayer (should cost under $20) 2 vinyl shower curtains About 20 plastic shower curtain rings
Ford would have had his curtain rings, or whatever, but been a marked man, and the cost and time to the public would have been negligible.
Clickeze Super Bio Stat shower curtains come in 11 designer colors and can be combined with stationary or spring-tension rods and a broad array of curtain rings.
The festival opens on April 10 and the final curtain rings down on November 8 (1-800-567-1600 or www.
Clip-on curtain rings are available through companies such as IKEA and Smith and Noble.