curtain ring

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a circular ring for holding up a curtain

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He was stunned to find it was not just a cheap curtain ring.
Place curtain ring over the picture of the family member, centering his or her face.
Clip-on curtain rings are available through companies such as IKEA and Smith and Noble.
Tenders are invited for Curtain Ring Chromium Plated Size, 27 Mm To Drg.
Remember to leave one curtain ring on the outside of each bracket with all the remaining rings in between.
A YOU should be able to fix a circular shower curtain ring to the wall.
Tenders are invited for Plastic Runner Type Curtain Ring With Hook As Per Sample
But she couldn't refuse when he cheekily put a brass curtain ring on her finger.
Big looped earrings: You know the type - curtain ring sized things which are normally gold in colour and look as though there should be a bird perched on them.
Next track down a curtain ring (check out the lounge curtains), a pin- cushion (mum's dresser), and a pair of flesh coloured tights (thanks mum).
Also in the area of bath, Ex-cell will introduce a new kind of shower curtain ring which does not have to be fastened, like regular rings.
And she couldn't refuse when he cheekily slipped a brass CURTAIN ring on her finger.