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Synonyms for curtain



curtain something off

Synonyms for curtain

Synonyms for curtain

any barrier to communication or vision

Related Words

provide with drapery

References in classic literature ?
The patterns on the gold-worked curtains ran up and down, melting and reforming as the folds shook and quivered to the night wind; and when the talk grew more earnest the jewelled forefinger snapped out little sparks of light between the embroideries.
The windows of the study were barred and locked, and heavy dark curtains closed them in.
Go in," he said, motioning him to pass behind the curtain.
William promptly shut the window and drew the curtains.
The curtain descended amidst a thunder of applause.
Behind the curtain all was ready on the full stage.
The curtain at the window had been pulled by a heavy hand and hung by one tack, dangling to and fro in the draft through the cracks at the sash.
The first sign--and we must remember that he was using his eyes for all they were worth--was an unaccountable movement of the curtain.
Margaret tried to look in through the dining-room window, but the curtain inside was drawn tightly.
All you need do to let me know is to undo the cord holding the curtain of the 'right' gallery window, nearest to the dark closet.
He hammered gently upon the framework with his fist, and the windows opened readily inwards, pushing back the curtain with them.
As the manager of the Performance sits before the curtain on the boards and looks into the Fair, a feeling of profound melancholy comes over him in his survey of the bustling place.
He rises unsteadily from the bed, lays the pipe upon the hearth- stone, draws back the ragged curtain, and looks with repugnance at his three companions.
I attribute my being still able to hold the curtain in the right position for looking and listening, entirely to suppressed hysterics.
Barker drew aside the curtain, and showed that the long, diamond-paned window was open to its full extent.