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rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper

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It is therefore more economical to assume that the alleged instances of <t> in the cursive script represent the simplified form of r <t>, as was traditionally thought.
The texts, in black cursive script, are consecutively numbered fragments, each sheet bearing between six and eleven phrases: 24 sheets combine figures and text, 12 are text alone.
Impressionist painting, decorating pebbles, making mini mosaics, trying on Roman armour and learning to write in Cursive script.
Vertical bands cut from a Japanese woodblock print alternate with strips of old-fashioned cursive script for the fourth rectangle.
One word of caution: the text being rendered in cursive script may cause difficulty for some readers.
The cursive script of the document includes this astonishing conclusion: ``I find that the deceased died of Emphysema of the lungs caused by strangulation self inflicted or otherwise.
Process: Students select a word from the list, and write the word in cursive script on a 2 x 6" (5 x 15 cm) piece of paper.
Time has not worn away The frazzled parchment spine, the cursive script, The curious steel engravings, and the columns Of learned Latin.
The other group followed the same schedule, but reviewed how to write traditional manuscript letters and learned cursive script using the Zaner-Bloser program.
It doesneIUt flow like written cursive script, but instead it is planned, arranged and constructed to conform into specific shapes.
Stylized in cursive script and big block letters in bold colors, the words sprawl across the sheets, breaking into often incomprehensible fragments.
When he bent to look under the steps he could see inscriptions etched in cursive script.
What united these calligraphers, who specialized in running and cursive script, was their commitment to an artistic tradition dominated by towering figures such as Wang Xizhi (303-61), Mi Fu (1051-1107), and Dong Qichang (1555-1636).
Gone is the trusty St Michael logo in old- fashioned cursive script and in its place is cool, clean lettering and state-of-the-art graphic layout.
The MessagePad's advanced recognition architecture not only understands printed and cursive script, but also cleans up drawings and diagrams, making them easier to understand and communicate.