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Synonyms for cursive

rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper

having successive letter joined together

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None as artistic as cursive, of course, but at least in my case, a heckuva lot more legible.
Cursive handwriting, or even just writing neatly, requires more cognitive effort than keyboard use and again that cognitive effort of doing something repeatedly makes it more likely that it will be retained quicker and for longer.
After decades of remaining a main component of elementary education, cursive is up for debate under the Common Core standards.
It's definitely not necessary but I think it's, like, cool to have it,' said Emily Ma, a 17-year-old senior at New York City's academically rigorous Stuyvesant High School who was never taught cursive in school and had to learn it on her own.
Educators frequently debate whether or not cursive handwriting instruction should be a requirement in schools.
The fact that cursive instruction isn't listed doesn't prevent teachers, schools or districts from requiring it.
For the first time on the market, the same powerful engine can be used for printed and cursive text recognition - without the use of a dictionary.
For some in the majority, cursive writing and the memorization of multiplication tables were posited as critical educational building blocks upon which more advanced concepts rest.
The only thing he can write in cursive is his name.
It's kind of fun," said Oren Dubensky after he and his fellow eight-year-olds mastered their first cursive letter -- "I" -- after six weeks of perfecting basic pencil strokes.
This video is so beautiful it makes me want to cry: a handlettering master A artisan mastering in cursive writing almost brings an Arab blogger to tears.
According to the site, their new invention manually writes a 255-character message in cursive unlike the printer, ABC News reported.
Now scientists say eye movements can be used even for cursive writing.
The participating calligraphers have presented their works in various styles including Nast'aliq, Persian Cursive Nast'aliq, Tuluth and calligraphy painting.
The book under review represents the first edition of a cohesive group of Middle Persian documents on leather and linen, written in the cursive variety of Pahlavi, emanating from Early Islamic Iran, but presumably reflecting administrative traditions of the Late Sasanian period.