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Synonyms for curse

Synonyms for curse

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

something or someone believed to bring bad luck

a cause of suffering or harm

a profane or obscene term

to invoke evil or injury upon

to bring bad luck or evil to

to use profane or obscene language

Synonyms for curse

profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger

an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group

an evil spell

something causing misery or death

Related Words

a severe affliction


Related Words

heap obscenities upon

exclude from a church or a religious community

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Some personality types strongly associated with cursing are the antisocial personality and the Type A personality.
The study thus gives a good overview of a great number of sources and various aspects, including the role of human and divine beings in cursing and different curse types, as well as purposes, effects, and means of cursing.
The Cursing Stone was set up in 2001 and stands in a subway connecting Carlisle Castle and the city's Tullie House Museum.
The bad luck began shortly after the city council erected a Cursing Stone inscribed with a 16thcentury spell condemning the work of evil-doers.
If people think the cursing stone is at the root of these problems, and that's a view I share, it would be better if it was removed.
When cursing harms the innocent, I think it's wrong.
Jay, whose scholarship on cursing and related matters occupies a page and a half of his own bibliography, ventures that cussing usually is a product of anger.
The T-shirt told the fictitious story of a man with an Italian accent so thick, his attempts at conversation were taken as cursing.
In bad times we wail and bemoan our fate, cursing the darkness; in good times, we ignore our Creator from whom all good and perfect gifts come.
This study deals with the cursing services in Sinhala Buddhism in Sri Lanka which some gods offer to the people.
Some insisted that it was but a manifestation of hysteria; others suggested that multiple tics and cursing (coprolalia) were a subset of movement disorders known as choreas and which were caused by a prior attack of rheumatic fever.
An emblem of this tendency, in Shakespeare, she finds in Caliban's cursing Prospero in the language Prospero gave him ("You taught me language, and my profit on't / Is I know how to curse").
How a person who is cursing the parliament could desire for becoming a prime minister,' she said adding that she would ask Imran Khan to tender apology for his words and would further ask countrymen to refrain from voting for such people who do not respect for country's institutions.
In December, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the engineer for three months in jail for offending a religion, cursing the waiter and assaulting him.
And while cursing appears to be an intrinsic part of human nature, in social networking sites the nature and choice of profane words with which to attack the opposing side have become quite intense.
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