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Synonyms for cursed

Synonyms for cursed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for cursed

deserving a curse



in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell

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In the chapter on blessings and curses, I try to relate deeply the notion of the fact that a particular version of blessing is the remarkable ecstasy that one feels when released from the deep sense of the cursedness.
At the sight of such a creature, we lose faith in the saving power of "the good work," we feel the cursedness of our nature more clearly, the powerlessness pre-established through Original Sin [durch die Erbsunde]; we wrongly imagine ourselves to be cut off from the possibility of grace, of pardon.
I suspect an element of cursedness was also operating the way these people were behaving with me.
She began to move, with the help of friends, from an isolation of cursedness to a community of blessedness.