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in a damnable manner

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The challenge that Bei Dao faces head on is how to become a poet without that cursedly capital "P.
Not quite as easy when you've already been away from home for four months on a cursedly miserable tour of Australia.
If anything, I'd argue that though Bidart's poems do sometimes fail for lapsing into melodrama, they fail as often for adhering a little coldly to the scientism of twentieth-century psychoanalysis, which at its most extreme views the emotional life as that which can be leached from the whole human experience, part of which is cursedly, blessedly physical in nature.
Dutch ladies in the country bring out their young children visiting and have them in their laps at table, cursedly disagreeable and not over modest in speech.
We have the country that he created in which to implement some and potentially all of his ideas, and will continue to have it if we are not cursedly determined in our own follies to lose it.