curse word

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  • noun

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profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger

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But if my good friend Dr Gasparri says a curse word against my mother he can expect a punch.
I would have to say f**k is my favourite curse word.
Fr Jack actor Frank Kelly swears he didn't invent curse word
When an astronaut slipped up and used a curse word during his radio transmission, the first astronaut to key up his mic and blurt out "green turtle" became the recipient of dinner for two at a restaurant of his choice.
Jackson said he had not received a reprimand from NBA officials for using a curse word during his formal news conference Sunday.
Humor is a common theme: A curse word is painted on the stairs at the spot where some people bump their heads.
There's a curse word or two, for those who need to know.
Faced with such choices, each uniquely wretched in his own way, I like to think I uttered my first adult curse word that day.
The second incident occurred on Monday, November 19, 2001, when Nurse Brown allegedly used a curse word while making reference to other employees, in the presence of patient, that a particular patient had been allowed to put the same (dirty) clothes back on after a shower.
Anyone who objects to TV's anything-goes mentality is written off as "judgemental" - the big liberal curse word that actually means having morals.
Many people are quick to agree with this statement, even if they can't explain why blurting out a curse word is so gratifying.
BUCHAREST: I f you let out a curse word in a Transylvanian bar, you might let off steam but it'll also hurt your pocket.
They appear angry, each seed very vocal like a curse word.
Gasbarri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch,'' Francis said jokingly, throwing a pretend punch his way.