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a square comb with rows of small teeth

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clean (a horse) with a currycomb

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The blades of the currycomb slipped across Fly's back and the muscles rippled under the dark hide.
There he was signed-up as a member of the Matabele Mounted Police and issued with a horse, Martin-Henry rifle, a gun bucket and currycomb.
If the teeth were narrowed, say by addition of a steel currycomb at the toothed edge of the lip, it would harvest small grain.
When he was sober it was enough learning experiment just to teach his house slaves how to properly steam his salted codfish or teach his stableboys how to currycomb his horses or teach his field hands how to grow cubeb, how to dry the spicy fruit, so that he could smoke that in his pipe instead of tobacco.
The most ordinary looking horses traveled faster than ours, or perhaps they were ordinary looking because, as I am told, the Canadians do not use the currycomb.
By the time we'd finished, you could have gone over the place with a currycomb and not found so much as the peeling of a potato to hint that there'd ever been a spoonful of poteen concocted inside it.
19) (Instead of teaching his disciples about Virgil and Dante, he made us take up the currycomb and play madrigals with that on the backside of one of his stallions.