curry favour

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seek favor by fawning or flattery

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Alfonso, within days of Grant's public discussion of Alfonso's economy with the truth, forgot the bad Canada Lands people who were trying to curry favour with him and told anyone who cared to listen that yes, he did call Grant, the chairman of Canada lands, and suggest this was a valuable man with 25 years experience in land issues, and yes it would be a good idea for them to hire his man.
Already up for eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother House, Big Ron didn't exactly curry favour with his comments on Sunday night.
They suspect Hamas are staging a PR stunt to curry favour after ousting Fatah rivals during days of violence in Gaza.
Ridsdale, you remember, tried to curry favour by suggesting if he had known of Bowyer's yob-like past he wouldn't have brought him to Leeds.
30pm) IN an attempt to curry favour with her colleagues, DC Kate Spears (Tanya Emery) volunteers to go undercover to investigate a solicitor believed to be laundering money for Swain.
The Bill: In a bid to curry favour with her Sun Hill colleagues, DC Kate Spears agrees to an undercover assignment aimed at catching drugs supremo David Swain - the killer of DS McAllister's lover - but soon finds herself falling for his sinister charms, jeopardising the whole operation.
And his Union Jack strides yesterday were a transparent attempt to curry favour with the locals.
Your dad's girlfriend was trying to curry favour with you but did it in a completely irresponsible way.
Their most pathetic attempt to curry favour with the media was exposed this week when they were caught buying a packet of Gypsy Cream biscuits for STV's heavyweight political correspondent Fiona Ross before she interviewed their candidate.
PRINCE Charles looks like he's trying to curry favour with the locals as he joins them in an impromptu dance.
SPICE up your evening with a story sure to curry favour with the most ardent of theatre-goers.
Mr Robinson insists that Mr Mandelson solicited the money and is anxious to dispel suggestions that he might have made the loan in 1996 to curry favour with Tony Blair's close friend in the hope of securing a job in Government.
They feel he (Cameron) is trying to curry favour with India.
Among those required for a "casting session" at Tory HQ were Female pensioner - preferably frail; male/female patient (in hospital bed); young woman, preferably a victim of assault; and perhaps to curry favour with gay voters, fruit seller (by a stall).
An Indian restaurant is trying to curry favour with punters by serving Haggis balti.