curry favor

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seek favor by fawning or flattery

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Many analysts think Iran is giving just enough aid to try to curry favor with the Taliban without actually doing anything to tip the military balance.
In his testimony to grand jurors, Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman said evidence suggested that Wong used Kaiser funds to curry favor with Edwards by financing the massages, even after Edwards described sexual activity during some of the sessions, the documents said.
Many politicians are eager to curry favor with religious leaders.
If the Emancipation Proclamation, a political ploy used by President Lincoln to disrupt the economy of the South during the Civil War, promised a temporary respite from slavery for some blacks, it was quickly stymied by his successor, President Andrew Johnson, who betrayed the newly freed slaves to curry favor with white Southerners to consolidate his power.
That's thanks to a process that has taught Gates and his management team that to win the economic battle, you have to maintain a vigorous presence in Washington, with a fat budget to curry favor with politicians and sway their decisions.
One of the most intriguing sections of the book, in fact, is Stengel's discussion of how chimpanzees curry favor through the ritual behavior of grooming.
The otherwise pro-gay software giant, which has been the target of a high-profile antitrust suit, hired former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed as a lobbyist to help curry favor with the presumed Republican presidential nominee.
In a blatant attempt to curry favor with the integral S/M swing vote, party planners hired a self-described Indian satanist performance artist who had a pentagram carved in his back, got urinated on, and then had a bottle of Jack Daniels planted in his behind.
Seen by many as an attempt to curry favor with the public and banking regulators, the lending commitment is the largest ever made by a U.
Some mutual fund management companies have selectively disclosed mutual fund portfolio holdings to curry favor with certain investors, allowing them to benefit from that information to the detriment of the fund.
It's all linked to Georgia: We have written about the possibility that Russia is refusing to sell Iran weapons to curry favor with the new Obama Administration.
Then there's the jockeying among the series regulars to curry favor with executive producer and head writer John Wells, in whose hands their future rests.
Blessed are the publicly pious politicians for they shall curry favor with the voters.
Some cynics suspect that Bob Bennett leaked information unfavorable to client Bill Clinton in an effort to curry favor with journalists--most notably in Clinton's case, Bob Woodward.
Still others believed his heritage might curry favor from Japan in the form of aid and investment.