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Synonyms for curry

(East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice

season with a mixture of spices

treat by incorporating fat

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This year, 218,000 public nominations have been received via post, app and online, from diners nominating their favourite curry restaurants, with 2,459 restaurants being nominated.
Curry Family Foundation (MECFF) is a philanthropic organization that benefits women, children and family charitable causes and community programs.
He had first come into the home of Chris and Cindy Curry in 1987 when he was a year old, taken from his drug-addicted mother and put into California's foster care system.
But the shoutout from a renowned recording artist might have been the moment Curry realized he had truly made it big.
Mr Vaz, who is the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, applauded the curry chefs for producing the best quality curries in Great Britain.
In both cases the suffixes 'c' and 'r' are applied to distinguish between the curry and the rice.
Curry, which originated in India, has become one of the most traded currencies in the culinary world, giving the ubiquitous Pizza a worthy competition.
After the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Curry sent out this tweet that started a "pay it forward" movement:
No salary comes with being a curry taster, just lots of poppadoms, kormas, bhunas and bhajis.
I've no idea why, and I speak as someone who regularly goes for a curry after a skinful.
Curry created the identity of an 18-year-old male named Sebastian and established a page on the social networking site, Bebo, using this identity.
com - believed to be the first dedicated online curry review service in the country.
He has teamed up with ex-England rugby international Kyran Bracken and Red Tractor beef and lamb for the Big Curry Cook-in.
SAINT: Sainsbury's king prawn coconut and lime curry, 59 cals per 100g.
Jardox, the traditional food manufacturing company and ingredients supplier, which specialises in bespoke products, has created a new range of curry pastes to offer more than just Indian or Thai cuisine.