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Among Johnson's literary citations, however, under his definition of the adjective "CU'RRISH" (as "Having the qualities of a degenerate dog; brutal; sour; quarrelsome; malignant; churlish; uncivil; untractable; impracticable"), are lines from Shakespeare that racially and culturally mark the epithet as semitic: "I would she were in heaven, so she could/ Entreat some pow'r to change this currish Jew.
Betterboy and his currish cousins had sprayed the tyres, laying claim to my 'little white taxi'.
Dickens' Fagin in Oliver Twist furthers a negative portrait through demonic and currish associations.
With all the insults and epithets heaped upon this outsider -- he's called an old carrion, a Jew dog, an inhuman wretch, a fiend, wolfish, bloody, starved and ravenous, a cruel devil, a currish Jew, a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart -- Shylock maintains a self-control beyond comprehension despite all the expressions of personal demonization, even when being tormented by Jew-baiting street urchins ("Why, all the boys in Venice follow him/Crying his stones, his daughter, his ducats" [2.
To give just one example, here is a sentence from Euphues's speech on the beauty of wit in women: 'Let not gentlewomen, therefore, make too much of their painted sheath, let them not be so curious in their own conceit or so currish to their loyal lovers.