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Synonyms for curry

(East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice

season with a mixture of spices

treat by incorporating fat

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The Thai cuisine revolves around the flavourful curries and the satays.
Organisers Shaz Harris, Richie Tutssel and Jay Milah want to share the message that curries offer a beating heart to a multi-cultural community.
What's Special: India is a birthplace of curry and the staggering number of curries in its list says it all.
She is passionate about sharing the secrets of transforming cheap and cheerful ingredients into mouth-watering curries simply and quickly.
These are curries and pilaus made with coriander seeds, salt, peppercorns and lemon juice.
Batches of curries will also be sent to Darren's doorstep throughout the year for him to taste and offer his expert opinion.
It combines my love of curries with my expertise in marketing.
I love making curries, I love eating curries and with the Big Curry Event raising much needed funds for ABF The Soldiers' Charity all of us should be having a great time.
Jardox sought to create curries that would set them apart from other manufacturers, with creations including Bengali, Malay, Sri Lankan and Chinese curries.
The total phenolic content (TPC) of each Thai curries which was measured.
The British Curry Club is offering all Sunday Mirror readers a month's free membership, which entitles you to twofor-one curries from February 22 to March 22.
Opening chapters introduce curry and its colonial origins; later chapters tour curries of the world by region, exploring the effects of trade, conquest, colonialism, and modern-day immigration policies.
IT is Scotland's other national dish, with more than 50,000 curries being wolfed down every night.
Many Indian housewives said they were missing the smell and flavour of the leaves that added a special touch to a variety of their curries.