curriculum vitae

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a summary of your academic and work history


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Hiding behind his call display, our twenty-seven phone calls to the Museum of Civilization failed to prompt Joe into providing us with so much as his curriculum vitae.
These actors also reflect much of Rubinek's own curriculum vitae, having worked along side him in the past.
The goal is to enhance one's attractiveness in a desired employment market with early employers representing critical curriculum vitae items.
While working for a company she joined using the false curriculum vitae, Akagi left the country a total of three times on trips to Europe and Southeast Asia, according to the police.
A two-page curriculum vitae or resume with complete contact information and email address should also be included.
Proposals should specify the philosophy that will guide the editing, planned changes for the Journal, how the Editor's office will be structured, what the host university will provide (with confirmation by the appropriate institutional officer), and the proposed Editor's curriculum vitae.
The site promises to be comprehensive, already boasting Giovanni's curriculum vitae, honorary degrees, selected poetry, children's books, biography and listings of the events she sponsors.
To ferret out the depth of this Mexicanization, we turned to Laura Martinez Ruiz-Velasco, our correspondent in Los Angeles, who sports a cross-cultural curriculum vitae that reads like an atlas.
Marlowe replicates, indeed completes this Ovidianly uncompleted curriculum vitae, in graduating first from translator and lyricist to tragedian, and finally to epicist in Hero and Leander and in the translation of Lucan.
Emiko Akagi, 46, was charged with falsifying details on a curriculum vitae she submitted to three companies between March 1984 and March 1985, prosecutors said, adding the documents were stamped with a seal.
Unlike the curriculum vitae, no standard templates exist for developing a professional portfolio for engineers and scientists.
Evans said, "I am putting together an application and curriculum vitae for the job of scrummaging coach with Wales.
The worst Graham Le Mar expected was a knock-back when he set off his curriculum vitae for a job as a store manager.
If you wish to participate in this event send a copy of your curriculum vitae and general employment interests, as well as phone number and e-mail address to: Gale Thirlwall-Wilbee, Manager, Career Services, Canadian Society for Chemistry, 130 Slater Street, Suite 550, Ottawa, ON K1P 6E2; fax: 613-232-5862; e-mail: gwilbee@cheminst.
NOW that we have such a narrow demarcation between political parties and their policies, I feel that it would be prudent for any election candidate for either local or general election to submit a complete curriculum vitae to the electorate.
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