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a measure of the amount of electric charge flowing past a circuit point at a specific time

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We have recently totally revamped our other two Newcas tle parlours, and completely fixed shop in the Market 100 years updated our menus and ice cream, drinks and food offer but cannot do the same in our Grainger Arcade unit due to an acute lack of kitchen and display space and our seri ous lack of seating cap acity, and as a conse quence have been serious ly contem plating clos ing our current unit.
At the family court, Judge Patrick Durcan said: "Basically all he has been getting in the current unit is a sun tan and nothing will happen until we have him in another unit.
A C Lloyd was delighted to be involved in the construction of the current unit more than a decade ago, and it has clearly helped Leeson go from strength to strength.
With independence, we will keep the current unit names and tradition.
said it has begun selling a new quick charger for electric vehicles, which is nearly half the size of existing chargers and less than half the 598,500 yen price of the current unit.
According to the company's chief financial officer, Carel Fourie the second half distribution of 61 cents per linked unit provides an attractive income yield based on the current unit price of 1 131 cents.
Even in 1985 it wasn't quite acceptable and by 1993 the current unit opened.
The current unit will remain as our warehouse and upstairs we will have a boardroom and offices for Roger and James when they are in the UK on business as well as a conference room to provide training.
The option to renovate was chosen to maintain relationships with the services currently located in the existing hospital, and to utilize the available space adjacent to the current unit.
04 added with capital and transmission costs which is said to be much lower than Ceylon Electricity Board's current unit cost at Rs.
Longhorn Steakhouse Next Door-Lease Current Unit Fully Equipped w/No Key Money Required
Summary: The General Manager of the French Hotel chain Le Concorde, has announced on Thursday to Tunisiaonlinenews that the chain is planning to expand its activities in Tunisia by building a new hotel close to the current unit it is operating at the Berges du Lac, in Tunis, as well as another one in Bizerta, north of Tunisia by 2012.
Then, have them write questions they would like answered related to their current unit of study.
In my seven years as a CCNS in my current unit, I have experienced the best nurse-physician collaborative partnership of my career.
Include your full name, rank, current unit, and job title.