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Synonyms for illegitimacy

Synonyms for illegitimacy

the state or quality of being illegal

the condition of being of illegitimate birth


Synonyms for illegitimacy

the status of being born to parents who were not married

unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law

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He has given chapter talks on lead issues and current trends for copper alloy castings.
By using current trends and issues to determine a target market, a director can position a camp for growth in the twenty-first century.
Current Trends in Cost of Quality: Linking the Cost of Quality and Continuous Improvement, by John Hawley Atkinson, Jr.
Current trends toward kidney transplantation are a manifestation of a convergence of medical and economic preference in treatment choice.
This report will help you understand current trends of the global food and beverage packaging industry from manufacturers point of view.
An Electronics Bazaar report has unveiled the current trends in security and surveillance industry.
Trade Deficit Review Commission that the current trends are unsustainable and, if not reversed, could represent a serious threat to the U.
New research " Dental Equipment Market (Dental Radiology, CAD/CAM, Dental Chairs, Dental Lasers) Current Trends, Opportunities & Global Forecasts Uptill 2016 " elaborated byMarketsandMarkets offers a complete and analytical review of the market, provides knowledge on the development dynamics and trends, key market statistics, overview of the market players and the competitive landscape, and future market forecasts.
The number of women choosing a career in veterinary medicine is growing so rapidly that, if current trends continue, there will be an equal number of women veterinarians as men by the year 2001, says Dr.
com/research/7e0f86/ophthalmic_devices) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Ophthalmic Devices: Current Trends and Developments" to their offering.
Held October 28th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and structured as a mock lease negotiation, the seminar presented a practical view of current trends in office lease negotiations, concentrating on the business implications of the lease documents.
American Studios also reported that, with seven of the second quarter's thirteen weeks completed as to portraits taken and four weeks completed as to sales, it appears that, current trends in customer count and revenues will be below plan for the second quarter.
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