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Some of the panels were not fixed properly, which led to a current of air passing between the main building and the panels themselves," Mr Al Sehali said.
Andrew Ingersoll, a Cassini imaging team member at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said that the hexagon is just a current of air, and weather features out there that share similarities to this are notoriously turbulent and unstable.
Used in an airline screening area, for example, passengers would only have to pause for a few seconds as a slight current of air is blown past them toward the sniffer-box.
That link is the jet stream, a fast flowing current of air which sweeps around the Earth high in the atmosphere.
The facility uses transparent acrylic tubes powered by two gigantic 400 horsepower fans to allow users to ride a current of air.
In a normal British winter, the current of air moves from west to east bringing warm, moist air from the sub-tropical Atlantic.
The darkness creeps ever closer to the open door, Refreshing coolness; carried on the soft current of air.
After three years in development, IPH has created a patented system called BreezeTechnology which can provide a range of household furnishings - not just beds - with a current of air, giving a cleaner, more allergy-free environment.
A current of air has less "push," or air pressure, along its sides than still air has.
The unit creates a moving current of air in which the powder is conveyed, similar to the effect of a vacuum or pneumatic system.
A DRAUGHT is a drink or current of air while a draft is a plan, sketch or preliminary outline (Page 15, June 4).
La Nina and EL Nino do their work by pushing around the jet stream, the high-level, high-speed current of air that flows across the United States.
Here's how it works [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED]: The dust collector fan pulls a current of air through the separator.
They cleared rocks from an opening that emitted a telltale current of air and exposed a 21-foot-deep tunnel that led to the underground chambers.
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