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Synonyms for revenue

Synonyms for revenue

the entire amount of income before any deductions are made

government income due to taxation

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Current expenditure shows an increase of less than 1% over the revised estimates of 2010-11, while development expenditure will increase by 64.
This is predicated, first, on a virtually zero growth in Federal current expenditure and a modest growth in development expenditure coupled with a relatively strong fiscal effort and, second, on the inability of the provinces to absorb fully the large post-NFC increase in transfers in the short run, thereby leading to a large build up in cash balances of up to one percent of the GDP.
764 trillion of which the current expenditure is Rs 1.
Current Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education
The current expenditure on defence and national security, civil ministries and loan interests declined by 6.
Although the higher allocation to the RFGG addresses one aspect of such concerns, it will not be implemented in conjunction with a reduction in current expenditure.
The budgetary allocations indicate that current expenditures of most of the federal ministries will be frozen at the level of the current year because of tight fiscal position.
2 billion -- 47 per cent of total current expenditure and up RO106 million over last year.
Revenues from domestic shipping imports and passengers, the remainder of the HMT, will not be sufficient to maintain the Trust Fund at current expenditure levels.
1 billion as current expenditure and JD707 million as capital expenditure.
The current expenditure over 2012 and 2013 stabilized at RO 8.
g) The overall expenditure during 2014-15 are estimated at Rs 4,302 billion, out of which the current expenditure is Rs 3,463 billion and development expenditure is Rs 839 billion.
The figures also highlight a significant drop of 27 per cent in current expenditure in the public sector spending in 2013, with expenditure touching RO 6,404 million in 2013 compared to the 2012 total of RO 8,773 million.
We think it (the government spending) is very high and we should take all the necessary actions to reduce the current expenditure and spend more on investment and capital expenditure because this is the way for the future and we have to secure sufficient funds for future generations in order to continue the prosperity of our country," he told reporters.
g) The overall expenditure during 2012-13 has been estimated at Rs 3,203 billion of which the current expenditure is Rs 2,612 billion and development expenditure is Rs 591billion.