current electricity

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a flow of electric charge

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Transformer equipment is becoming ever more important as a means to alleviate South Africa from its current electricity crisis.
These projects concern photovoltaic systems with a combined capacity of 50MW with an annual output of 80 gigawatt hours (GWh), which will be added to the current electricity production from renewable sources of energy.
It will provide 32 gigawatt hours per year, the equivalent of 6% of the country's current electricity production.
A week ago New Zealand solar systems installer PowerSmart said it had wrapped up 1 MW of solar installations that can meet 150% of the current electricity needs of Tokelau.
He pointed out that the minister was implicated in 27 constitutional offences, administrative and financial corruption and provision of wrong information on the production and distribution figures, which are responsible for the current electricity crisis.
The current electricity problems are not due to the incapacity of Electricite du Liban," opines the electrical engineer and head of Tecmo.
Iraq's current electricity demand is being partially met with deals such as the two-year contract with UAE Oilfield Services, reported in April, for the provision of two floating power plants docked in Basra.
The current electricity market, combined with decades of excess supply and low fossil fuel prices, has provided little or no incentive to build the new capacity required to guarantee a robust power supply.
The seven-member panel began reviewing the current electricity rate system, which has drawn criticism that it may have allowed utilities to pass on unjustifiably high costs to consumers.
According to the statistics, the current electricity output exceeds the projected amount by 13 percent yet experts recommend caution considering the fact that high temperatures would stay in the coming few days as well.
There are indications that that the current electricity situation promises more rationing in the month of Ramadan.
The current electricity market is simply not up to the job.
Climate change minister Greg Barker yesterday said generating energy from the power of waves has the potential to meet 15 to 20 per cent of the UK's current electricity demand by 2050.
In the system, hydrogen, stored in a small pressurized cylinder, is fed into a proton exchange membrane fuel cell to produce direct current electricity.
The system is a roof-mounted grid-tied photovoltaic; (PV) made up of 990 Trina Solar 230-watt modules, producing an average of 922 kWh of electricity each day, allowing Kona nearly 60 percent offset of its current electricity usage.