current assets

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assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)

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The problem of working capital in the organization was related to surplus investment in current assets especially receivables and cash components than of inadequacies and in financing working capital mostly long term sources of funds were used.
According to conventional thinking, it would be defined as current assets ($200 cash) minus current liabilities ($4,000 CPLTD) or a negative $3,800.
Accounts receivable is an important part of current assets that must be carefully managed.
For this purpose ratio of raw materials to current assets, work-in-progress to current assets, finished goods to current assets are examined.
In contrast to its current assets, a company's fixed assets frequently serve as the borrowing base for a term loan credit facility, where the amount is fixed for a period of time, there is an agreed-upon payment schedule and amounts paid cannot be re-borrowed.
To many companies, current assets are more important than fixed assets.
Total current assets 602,000 Property and equipment (net) 400,000
The agreement between the Company and Scepter is secured by all current assets and intellectual property owned by the Company.
The Company had current assets of $14,747,781 and long-term assets of $21,157,873, for total assets of $35,905,654.
Allen & Caron Chairman and CEO Joe Allen said, "The US production of Sonoran's current assets will likely be at or above 3,000 barrels per day before the end of 2005, according to current estimates.
17p) Marshall Lake Mining plc Unaudited Balance Sheet as at 30 June 2011 2011 2010 GBP GBP Fixed assets Intangible assets 829,195 829,195 Current assets Debtors 6,980 3,865
The Company has virtually no long-term debt and has sufficient cash and current assets to fund existing operations.
AND SUBSIDIARIES CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (In thousands) March 31, March 31, 2006 2005 (Unaudited) (Audited) ASSETS Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $81,588 $26,016 Short-term investments 68,949 134,828 Accounts receivable, net 115,715 74,545 Inventories 116,782 75,090 Other current assets 19,542 15,970 Total current assets 402,576 326,449 Property and equipment, net 341,293 339,624 Goodwill 117,218 119,694 Investment in Jazz Semiconductor, Inc.
The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Todd Bruce, president and CEO of Crystallex International Corporation (KRY: TSX, AMEX) in which he talks at length about the Company's current assets and future strategy.