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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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Current accounts are big business for banks, which use the relationship they have with their customers to cross sell them other products.
uk, says consumers will need to bear in mind any fees charged by current accounts and cards to work out whether they will still end up in pocket.
Many current accounts pay no interest at all in the low interest rate environment, and while they may appear to be "free", people pay in other ways, for example through overdraft fees or foregoing interest which they could have received from an account elsewhere.
Experian, whose records go back eight years, said that in March, current accounts became the most targeted financial product for fraud attempts for the first time, overtaking mortgages.
The current account rate was left at zero, meaning it is now much cheaper to park money in current accounts than the deposit account.
Marks & Spencer Bank has started a current account war with the lure of 6% interest paid on savings.
And it is a drop in the ocean compared with the 65m active current accounts in the UK.
The report discusses the various trends relating to current accounts - also known as checking accounts - across the world, and the strategies adopted by banks to increase profitability:
The research aims to assess the dynamic relationship between current account and exchange rate and to analyse the effect of oil price changes on their relationship for D-8 countries.
More than half a million people have signed up for Cashback Plus, the loyalty programme that allows RBS and NatWest current account customers to earn rewards when using their debit card.
The account can be open provided that upon the first maturity of the fixed term deposit, the funds from the deposit will not be subject to specific restrictive measures imposed by the decree and provided that the opening of a current account for the beneficiary of the fixed term deposit is prohibited.
The financial ombudsman recently reported that complaints about current accounts have rocketed by more than a third over the last year.
46 per cent are considering switching current accounts following the Post Office's current account launch
A) - Turkey's current accounts deficit went up 94 percent between January and October when compared to the same period of last year and reached a figure of 65.
Most people, after all, hold only a few hundred pounds or a thousand or two in current accounts, if anything at all.