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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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Unlike Bangladesh current account position worsens after long run increase in oil price in other oil importing countries.
When we were in power, there was current account surplus.
The drive comes at a time when we are getting more fed up with our current account providers.
Nick Kennett, director of financial services at Post Office, says: This is very exciting news for the Post Office and we are absolutely delighted to announce we are going to launch a current account.
For the year, the current account deficit widened to $475 billion, a 1.
India's current account deficit has come down mainly because of a decline in gold imports due to a lower demand in the domestic market owing to high prices.
Barclays Bank (LSE: BARC), HSBC (LSE: HSBA) and The Co-operative Bank are believed to have totally stopped paying interest on current accounts.
Only 7 per cent of those questioned said they had moved their current account at least three times during the past 10 years.
Abbey offers two main types of current account - one for those keen to stay in credit and another for those keener to use an overdraft - and the average holdings in either account suggest both should earn the full 8% on the whole of their account balance.
The current account deficit stood around 800 billion dollars, or approximately 6.
Many Barclays customers would benefit more by shopping around for a better current account and going for a lower paying savings deal," he says.
Are the new Spanish masters of Abbey serious with their promise to pay 6% gross interest on their new current account when most savers are glad to get 4.
Clarida, Goretti, and Taylor find evidence of threshold behavior in current account adjustment for the G7 countries, such that the dynamics of adjustment towards equilibrium depend upon whether the current-account/ net output ratio breaches estimated, country-specific current account surplus or deficit thresholds.
The outstanding balance of current account deposits held by private financial institutions at the Bank of Japan returned to the central bank's liquidity target range of 30 trillion to 35 trillion yen Monday for the first time in three business days.