current account

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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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In fact, the biggest recurrent shock to the German balance of payments has come not from the real economy, which would affect the current account, but from financial conditions.
For next year, however, the BSP announced its expectation of the current account slumping into the deficit territory to $700 million in the reds.
The improvement in the current account was attributed mainly to increased net receipts in the trade-in-services, and secondary and primary income accounts which negated the widening of the trade-in-goods deficit,' said Rosabel B.
State Bank in its report today said the current account deficit has been increased from US dollars 2.
This bulletin provides a high level overview of the number and value of consumer current accounts held by personal consumers; the number of consumers using the Central Banks Code of Conduct on the Switching of Payment Accounts with Payment Service Providers (the Switching Code); and the number of consumer complaints received by firms in relation to current accounts.
The watchdog has asked banks to desist from the trend of not offering current accounts.
But the figures show that current account switching has been creeping up this year so far.
Other suggestions include improving the current account switching service and making more of advances in technology to help customers see the best deals for their personal needs.
As stated, the current account Triffin differs very substantially from the original Triffin.
The watchdog found that by switching to the cheapest personal current account product, customers would save PS70 a year on average.
uk, says consumers will need to bear in mind any fees charged by current accounts and cards to work out whether they will still end up in pocket.
Some 55 per cent of people surveyed were unable to determine the value they are getting, a report, titled Current Account Switching - the Consumer Reality, which was published by Tesco Bank found.
8% for between GBP5,000 and GBP7,499 for main current account customers and non current account customers, respectively; 3.
Summary: PowerPlus is the only current account that also works like a fixed deposit -- offering unlimited liquidity without compromising on returns
6 An investigation into the power of Britain's Big Four banks over the PS8billion current account market is expected to be announced today.