current account

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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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The watchdog found that by switching to the cheapest personal current account product, customers would save PS70 a year on average.
uk, says consumers will need to bear in mind any fees charged by current accounts and cards to work out whether they will still end up in pocket.
A general lack of understanding of the charges and interest paid on an existing current account makes it harder for current account customers to move to another deal as they have "no effective basis for comparison", the report said.
Tesco is a relatively new player in the current accounts market, having launched its first current account in June 2014 with a promise to shake up the sector.
Citing to economic experts, media reports said current account deficit during the current financial year can dip as compared to last fiscal year.
The current account rate was left at zero, meaning it is now much cheaper to park money in current accounts than the deposit account.
While a lump sum current account credit balance offers flexibility to access cash instantly, a separate monthly saver, like M&S, means savings don't get muddled with everyday spending.
2million current accounts have been switched since the service went live.
The UK current account market also recorded a high number of customers switching accounts.
Mashreq customers will automatically receive a free Debit Card and cheque book with the Sweep Current Account.
At a news conference after the release, Economic and Fiscal policy minister Akira Amari expressed concern over the outlook for the current account balance, saying, "If Japan leaves the current account balance remain in deficit, it would depend on other countries to finance its budget shortfall.
The determination of current account and exchange rate--the two major indicators of external sector--has been studied widely in theoretical and empirical literature but mostly the discussion of the two variables largely remained separate [Lee and Chinn (1998)].
He also recalled that there was Current Account surplus, when BJP was in power Yashwant Sinha was the Finance Minister during NDA's rule.
Turkey's current account deficit widened to a larger-than-expected $5.
The account can be open provided that upon the first maturity of the fixed term deposit, the funds from the deposit will not be subject to specific restrictive measures imposed by the decree and provided that the opening of a current account for the beneficiary of the fixed term deposit is prohibited.