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a small rounded boat made of hides stretched over a wicker frame

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Julius Caesar mentions British skin-lined boats (though it's unclear whether he meant coracles or currachs, which were rather larger), as does Pliny.
Indeed, after reading her eleventh collection, The Currach Requires No Harbours, one is initially inclined to agree with such judgments.
Our journey will start from the source of the Wye, beginning on foot, horseback and bicycle from the Cambrian mountains down to Glasbury, from where we will continue on the journey by currach along the south Wales coast embracing more or less the whole of south and mid Wales, approximately 150 miles over seven days.
ARTHUR FLYNN The Story of Irish Film Currach Press; Dufour Editions, Inc.
And far from being hungry, if the television castaways get fed up rustling up tasty fish or shellfish, they can always go down to the Irish pub, The Currach, where Louise helps out, and down a Guinness and a juicy steak with chips.
A symphony in four parts, Montague begins with ancient and primal images of a currach rolling outside Cork Harbor and filling with the "slithering frenzy" of mackerel and sea trout.
the only kind of boat in use is a currach, a canoe of wicker framework and canvas covering".
THE third annual Dublin Currach will get under way on the Liffey today.
Sean MacBride, That Day's Struggle (Dublin: Currach Press, 2005), pp.
THE GRANDSON of Easter Rising hero James Connolly is planning to sail across the Atlantic Ocean - in a CURRACH.
SHOWING TWO SEPIA-COLORED photographs, one of Wittgenstein and another of a solitary currach in Little Killary Bay, the rather attractive front cover of this pocket-sized book sets the fitting tone for tracing the steps of the Austrian philosopher on Irish soil.
So good luck to the lads in the Currach - and that goes to all those taking part in St Bob's flotilla to the G8 protest as well.
Galway City - Snapshots Through Time is published by Currach Press priced [euro]19.