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a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas

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Peevish observations and adorable curmudgeonliness regularly give way to long, uncensored father-son therapy sessions that know no boundaries of shame or pain.
The round-faced, bespectacled Koppett, a joy to listen to in any press room, is more-or-less retired, but like many of us with ink in the blood, he finds pleasure in debate and a moment of curmudgeonliness.
Artists have not known how to talk about what they do without either seeming to denounce themselves (never a comfortable position), or denouncing the conclusions of the last twenty years (in essence returning with a noisy curmudgeonliness to the high aestheticism of modernism, American realism and the New Criticism).
To avoid any accusations of curmudgeonliness, cite safety as the key justification for keeping children out.
Old stagers, and Michael Scudamore will be 77 in July, all too often relapse into 'when men were men and fences were fences' curmudgeonliness.
A curmudgeon thinks curmudgeonly thoughts, and is filled with curmudgeonliness.
Anyhow, I'm firmly of the belief that curmudgeonliness can be a positive attribute if pointed in the right direction.