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a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas

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The curmudgeon is institutionalized through the faculty union, but I only say this for unionized environments; in non-union environments it is often the mid-level managers.
But a rather unpromising first meeting with elderly curmudgeon Mr Peterson marks the start of an unlikely friendship which is to have major repercussions.
He's spent his life being ignored and now he's being the sort of curmudgeon Victor Meldrew could only aspire to.
The Converting Curmudgeon (http://convertingcurmudgeon.
After winning all their qualifying matches and showing strong form in their warm-ups, the biggest enemy for Netherlands could be over-confidence, although manager Bert van Marwijk is fast building a reputation as the tournament curmudgeon.
Everett Koop and British curmudgeon Malcolm Muggeridge, plus eight full-page photos (Lincoln, Dred Scott, Mother Teresa, and so forth.
I'm not aware that I'm playing a curmudgeon on the show.
As a card-carrying curmudgeon in good standing, I must object to the hate-filled rant penned by Laura McCallum (letters, May 29).
From his soapbox perch producing the daily "Cafferty Files" segments on Cable News Network's The Situation Room, the author has carved out a niche for himself as a populist curmudgeon willing to rhetorically challenge the corrupt and the powerful.
We do not take responsibility for what the curmudgeon says.
The War Museum is becoming more flexible in its attitude to veterans and no more non-veterans have been appointed to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, but thank heaven there is still a chance for this old curmudgeon to again vent his spleen.
It does not take a confirmed curmudgeon to dismiss such notions.
83-year-old curmudgeon Kurt Vonnegut makes humorous and vitriolic observations on a wide variety of subjects: imagination, semicolons, George Bush, war, silk-screening, the evils of capitalism, "the crucified planet Earth," art, himself, and the condition of the American soul today.
While the serious, political films dominated the award ceremony, the best films of the festival were some of the more light-hearted, funny ones such as Travis Klose's Arakimentari, Eric Chaikin's and Julian Petrillo's Word Wars, Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me and Alan Zweig's I, Curmudgeon.
Who else pays homage to poets like Hayden Carruth ("Old heart, old curmudgeon, / old genius, terrified old man") and Marie Ponsot ("What you regret you redress / if you can; use; don't forget")?