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having curly leaves


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The curly-leaved types are very often used as a garnish, suggesting tiny trees amongst a plate of cold meats.
Curly-leaved types are more decorative, but plain-leaved French is tastier.
At about the same time that Americans replaced beans with burgers, the dark, curly-leaved greens became just garnish adorning the salad bar.
The traditional curly-leaved parsley tends to die away in the autumn, but the more robust Italian and French flat-leaved varieties will provide a supply throughout the winter, especially if a crop is sown in the late summer.
With parsley, don't just grow the curly-leaved type as a garnish but the flat-leaved, stronger- tasting variety, which is a super flavouring.
I shall be turning my attention especially to winter lettuce, winter radish and also endive - that lovely curly-leaved salad that you see in super-markets but not often enough in gardens.