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covered with curly hair


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The Sentinel,'' an hourlong drama about a crime fighter with hypersensitive powers and his curly-haired anthropologist friend, follows at 9 p.
The curly-haired pop veteran has clearly taken over as the show's rock 'n' roll wild child, following Donny's departure.
Aged 11, standing 4ft 5in tall and weighing six stone, the curly-haired north London schoolboy sat in the well of the court behind his lawyers and accompanied by social workers.
Here's Kelley, showing incredible technique for a 15-year-old, first twitching his body into the horrifying convulsions of ``Lynching Blues,'' then loose-jointed as a scarecrow, with a pasted-on smile and a curly-haired mannequin for a partner, in the wickedly funny segment that parodies Bojangles Robinson and Shirley Temple, ``The Uncle Huck-A-Buck Song.
Staff at the George IV Bridge venue failed to recognise the curly-haired young woman when she dropped in with pals near midnight.
But the only indication of an accent comes from the refreshingly happy-sounding brogue of cheery, curly-haired host-greeter Kevin O'Regan, and not from the food.
The curly-haired comic announced last week that the Doctor Who star had not quit the sci-fi show because he feared he would be typecast, but because he was exhausted.
But tubby, curly-haired funnyman Jupp, who portrays a posh bloke character, was keeping his feet on the ground after receiving his pounds 2000 prize.
Our spy at the night, which boasted tunes spun by DJ Sam Young, said: "He arrived with a curly-haired brunette and seemed pretty loved up.
Velkin, the city hospital's lanky, curly-haired cardiologist, laughed as he lumbered down a dark corridor that smelled of not-so-savory hospital food and industrial-strength disinfectant.
Yep, the curly-haired Cockney is back - and this time she's, er, even angrier.
The curly-haired star - famous for his trademark hideous ties - will be seen for the last time at Christmas.
The chef-owner here, a curly-haired fellow named Pirouz Tehrani, who also waits on tables at lunchtime, uses saffron extensively, despite its huge cost.
The curly-haired musician went down a storm at the Heineken Green Energy Festival.