curly-coated retriever

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an English breed having a tightly curled black or liver-colored coat

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Breeds such as the Otterhound, the English toy terrier, the curly-coated retriever and the Irish red-and-white setter had fewer than 100 registrations with the Kennel Club last year.
Let's go after them," John Heyn and Sarah Shull volunteered as they opened up the back door of an SUV and released Rhino, Shull's four-year-old male curly-coated retriever, and Rory, Shull's six-month-old female.
Fern the curly-coated retriever was photographed by owner Sarah Shull of Greenville, MI.
The curly-coated retriever, for example, tends to mature especially slowly, so training for these dogs should not progress quickly.
Still, with special thanks to all the clog folks who responded to the request for great dog names, some of the best have involved such outrageous puns--and plays on famous people's names--such as the beagle or basset (can't remember which) named "Flea Bailey," an English springer spaniel called "Kirby Duckgett," a Rhodesian ridgeback with the name "Daisy Mahem," a Brittany named "Rule Britanva" and a curly-coated retriever named "Shampoodle.