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Synonyms for curling

a game played on ice in which heavy stones with handles are slid toward a target

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of hair having curls


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Baracus in 1980s TV hit "The A-Team", tweeted about his love of unfashionable curling throughout February's Winter Olympics.
All five wheelchair curling team members have one thing in common _ they acquired their impairments after surviving devastating accidents and found hope on the curling rink.
Curling is an Olympic respite, a salve upon objective nerve endings, a practitioner of quiet.
Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Hydrating Curling Cream, 11.
Qatari men's curling team registered their first international win when they beat Kazakhstan 8-5 in the round robin stage of World Curling Federation's Pacific Asia Curling Championships 2017.
Roadrunner Curling Club has obtained Curing Stones and equipment and will begin Curling this week.
Eve Muirhead's rink beat Rachel Homan in final of women's curling to win the Canadian Open championship.
A BID has been launched to open a dedicated curling rink in Deeside.
This makes the curling process more manageable and keeps the curls looking even around the whole head.
Scotland's Olympic curling hero Rhona Martin last night quit the sport after stepping down from her post as coach of the Women's Performance Programme.
Before you start curling, wash and blow dry your hair.
Start by applying a curling cream to the hair from roots to ends, separating hair and twisting around your finger to define into individual curls," advises David Fletcher, Unite stylist.
The curling and volumizing tool replaces curling irons and hot rollers, which over time can potentially significantly damage hair.
An introductory youth curling program expanded to include four Aboriginal elementary schools in northern British Columbia.
If we had more TV coverage, there would probably be more curling clubs," says Ted Paul, a 33-year member of the Petersham Curling Club.