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Synonyms for curliness

(of hair) a tendency to curl


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Thus, if the weight on a hair is too great for its innate curliness, the curl will fail and become either straight or helical, depending on the strand's length and stiffness.
The award-winning work, Shape of a Ponytail and the Statistical Physics of Hair Fibre Bundles, centred around a new Ponytail Shape Equation, which took account of the stiffness of the hairs, the effects of gravity and the presence of the random curliness in human hair to model how a ponytail is likely to shape.
UNIVERSITY of Warwick physicists are trying to understand the curliness of human hair and are developing a mathematical theory to explain a ponytail's shape.
Several of the women talked about their hair related to color, texture, length, and curliness, as well as having their hair cut and cared for by someone else.
Because of its high ellipticity and high degree of curliness, hair of African origin has a tendency to be more damaged than other types of hair (Fig.