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(of hair) having curls or waves


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Curlier indicated that Safran is currently working on the development of a mini-UAV, which should be ready for testing in 2018.
Evaluating the Latest Night Vision Technologies Available to the Dismounted Soldier - Mr Patrick Curlier (SAGEM/SAFRAN, France) and Squadron Leader Dan Roberts (British Army)
The Knightsbridge-based stylist said British stylists were introducing softer and curlier feminine hair fashions and even the most extreme hairstyles 'failed to startle' people anymore.
The hair is generally shorter on the body but on the neck and head there is often a mane" of curlier wooly hair.
Zimmerman's notes included instructions such as "making the live woman stronger-redder lips, bolder eye shadow," adjusting the position of the wig, and switching to a fuller, curlier style to help hide joins in the costume.
It turns out that a lot of runner beans are indeed curlier than usual this year.
The Notebook Notebook team were therefore blown away to watch Hollywood superstylist Harry Josh turn a watch Hollywood superstylist Harry Josh turn a head full of frizz into a lustrous cascade of curls head full of frizz into a lustrous cascade of curls using nothing but John Frieda's new Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray, PS6.
Frizz Ease Go Curlier Heat-Activated Spray and Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Creme are said to transform hair to the exact level of desired curl.
Salamander was a moody detective, with curlier hair and a crisper shirt than would be normal for a British maverick policeman, but there appeared to be no women allowed to do anything at all, unless it related to men.
Today, au naturel, it's thicker, bouncier, curlier and shinier.
Remember my curlier reassurance that the math and thermodynamics will be kept to a minimum?
John Barrett, who has a namesake salon at Bergdorf Goodman, said hair usually grows back curlier and slightly grayer.
Curlier (44) misplaced and distinguished that case because of the difference between a community of property regime and a separate property regime.
Cabanne, tried in May 1915, several witnesses were questioned closely about Gay gway do such's "character of hair," its length, waviness, color, and whether, to their knowledge, Gay gway do such combed his hair or did anything to make it curlier.