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(of hair) having curls or waves


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Evaluating the Latest Night Vision Technologies Available to the Dismounted Soldier - Mr Patrick Curlier (SAGEM/SAFRAN, France) and Squadron Leader Dan Roberts (British Army)
Runner beans are curlier this year - but they'll still taste just as good
Curlier (44) misplaced and distinguished that case because of the difference between a community of property regime and a separate property regime.
She's been a fixture for 33 years, since the days when her hair was even curlier and blonder.
At more or less at the same time, Marcia also started to develop a lighter complexion and her hair also began to get blonder and curlier.
I'm sorry, I know the done thing is to say how great it was `oop north' and what a success the whole thing was, but try telling that to the motorists who were backed up to Scotch Corner while their sandwiches went ever curlier at the edges.
All this sends us back to Lefebure's famous letter to Mallarme in 1862, ironically signaling the difference between his addressee's poetry and poetic outlook and those of the English Laureate, as well as the difference in their coiffure, Tennyson's locks being curlier than Mallarmes (Oeuvres, p.
Secondly, perming does not always achieve exactly the desired effect, sometimes turning out either curlier or softer than you imagined.
174, where the author notes that curlier scholars attributed the illuminations in this manuscript to Jean and Francois Clouet and others; Zvereva, op.
Their images reveal a mechanism that enables a flagellum to switch from its ordinary loose-corkscrew shape, wound in one direction, to a curlier corkscrew wound in the opposite direction.
So In Style[TM], a new line of black dolls by Barbie[R] features more authentic-looking facial features such as fuller lips, a wider noise and curlier hair.
8226; Mr Patrick Curlier, VP Sales & Marketing, Airland Digitization, Sagem Optronics and Defence Division, Sagem/Safran, France