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Synonyms for curlicue

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a short twisting line


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Motifs such as the sawtooth contours and the balustrade's curlicues enliven the rhythm as they provide a unifying sense of pattern to the welter of forms.
Curlicues of wrought iron in an art-deco style compliment the considerably large Ottoman style glass blown chandelier that hangs from the ceiling of the hotel's top third floor, spanning the height of two stories.
There are curlicues and circles played against cuts and folds.
The monastery has that typical red painted wood surrounded by intricate woodwork curlicues and is three floors high.
On the day we visit, four of Hanna's five employees sit amiably chatting as they piece together the curlicues that will soon be pieced into a tabletop bound for England.
Off to the right, Joseph stands next to his workbench, planing a shortened beam of wood, the curlicues of wood shavings falling haphazardly to the tiled floor.
Instead of replicating the corbels and curlicues of Grandma's twenty to fifty-year-old kitchen, "Germany and Italy are producing energy-efficient appliances and green-processed, highly durable cabinetry in sleek, elegant and very cost-effective packages," comments Crockett.
They jettisoned the fussy hand-cutting and curlicues of so much earlier glass.
The species of terebellid polychaete shown above has enlarged, branched curlicues, or branchiae, that help it flourish in an oxygen-minimum zone 412 meters deep on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.
The new images of the hexagon, whose shape is the path of a jet stream flowing around the North Pole, reveal concentric circles, curlicues, walls, and streamers not seen in previous images.
The difficulty with this part of the volume may be that Jesuit spirituality has been picked over so often that it is easy to get lost in curlicues without communicating why it made such an impact in the first place.
They cram it with similes, festoon it with allusions and curlicues, and, wherever possible, throw in an adverb or three.
This activity gives you an immediate 'reading' of who has the most/least confidence with language if it's a class you don't know well and even when you do, it can throw up a few surprises about who your class code-breakers are--often students with less attachment to the baroque curlicues of schooled literacy.
As for the fountain itself, its waterworks have been dramatically reconceived with stunning aquatic curlicues and arabesques.
Curlicues of giant, lemony prawns were rolling around in a chunky ginger-chilli sauce.