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Synonyms for curlicue

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a short twisting line


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Restored historic buildings painted Crayola colors are decorated with curlicued gables and arches, and are home to museums, restaurants, shops and galleries.
It's a gilded, curlicued building whose fire curtain teases desert sensibilities with a lush scene of gondolas being poled along Venetian canals.
With the planetarium dome darkened, the nocturnal Scarabaeus satyrus dung beetles fumbled and curlicued around.
Muhammad Imran Qureishi, a professor of fine arts at the National College of Arts in Lahore, from whence many of this generation are surfacing, has followed an established miniature-making trope by utilizing a decorative floral motif of curlicued leaf shapes that mimics the appearance of shadow.
It opens at a lavish party she's hosting in her opulent Paris salon, which is resplendent with indoor fountain, curlicued architecture, Roman paintings and sumptuous acres of silk, the whole thing, like all of the set pieces, framed like a decadent Baroque painting.
1905-07 three-piece suit in curlicued ecru--embroidered ivory wool serge and silk, from "Frances" (a dressmaker?
Their curlicued, turreted extravaganzas could be admired from the busy thoroughfare's gentle slope.
The table-top torches, made of highquality curlicued ironwork, are 65cm tall with a 30cm wide base (2ft 2in x 1ft) and normally cost pounds 29.
But these case reports, one dating as far back as 1882, don't isolate the agent responsible, leaving open the questions of whether the curlicued bacteria that cause Lyme disease (smaller scanning electron micrograph, below) existed back then and whether they were carried by the same host that carries them today, the European wood tick (larger micrograph).