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a radioactive transuranic metallic element

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1 Important (MAs) primarily contributors to Neptunium (Np), long-term radio- Americium (Am) and toxicity of the Curium (Cm) waste.
19) According to the theory that attention to a particular policy area is measured by whether the Court decides something in that area, we included all orally argued cases, whether they resulted in signed or unsigned opinions, including per curium decisions and judgments.
Annabel was taken ill at the Curium Palace hotel in Limassol when a barman unwittingly put the cleaning fluid in her drink instead of water, police said.
Millionaire Mark, 55, and wife Judith had ordered diluted juice from a barman at the four star Curium Palace hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, on Saturday.
Annabel Rhodes suffered severe internal injuries when a barman accidentally put the liquid in her orange juice at the Curium Palace hotel in the resort of Limassol on Saturday afternoon, police said.
Police said a 43-year-old barman at the Curium Palace Hotel in Limassol accidentally used cleaning fluid instead.
A BRITISH two-year-old was critically ill in Cyprus last night after drinking cleaning fluid in the Curium Palace hotel in Limassol.
Or how can Scalia's insistence on textualism be reconciled with the doctrine of incorporation, his expansive view of free expression rights, his championing of a textually unsupportable view of state sovereignty under the eleventh Amendment, or even his agreement with the per curium opinion in Bush v.
A few examples of specific topics include solubility studies of uranium(IV) by laser- induced breakdown detection, structure and stability of peroxo complexes of uranium and plutonium in carbonate solution, thermochromatographic adsorption studies of curium and berkelium, properties of minor actinide compounds relevant to nuclear fuel technology, separation of uranium and plutonium by the method of countercurrent chromatography, and tuning the superconducting behavior of the PuTGa5 compounds.
34) Courts may deny certiorari without specifying why, or even dismiss a case per curium without any opinion, as the Supreme Court did with the question of whether President Carter had the constitutional power to abrogate the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1954 with Taiwan.
Another option is that of partitioning and the transmutation of the long-lived actinides, americium, curium and neptunium.
They therefore would become "burner" reactors for fissioning the plutonium and the minor transuranic elements, neptunium, americium, and curium, recovered from spent fuel from light water reactors.
In addition to the per curium opinion striking down the lower court's injunction, each justice wrote separately.
Evidence of the architectural and sculptural furnishing of public spaces is in essence confined to Salamis and Curium, because the public spaces of, for example, the Hellenistic/Roman capital Nea Paphos, still remain largely unexplored.