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I carefully preserved them all; and having since shown them, with some other curiosities, in several parts of Europe, upon my return to England I gave three of them to Gresham College, and kept the fourth for myself.
Not a fish, not a bird of the swiftest kind could follow us, and the natural curiosities of these seas escaped all observation.
Dantes examined the various articles shown to him with the same attention that he had bestowed on the curiosities and strange tools exhibited in the shops at Marseilles as the works of the savages in the South Seas from whence they had been brought by the different trading vessels.
And sometimes a rosy little school-boy climbed into our chair, and sat staring, with wide-open eyes, at the alligator, the rattlesnake, and the other curiosities of the barber's shop.
Opposite to the camp at this place was a singular phenomenon, which is among the curiosities of the country.
The English aristocracy supply us with our curiosities, Lady Caroline.
My father said he could not afford it; we spent a great deal of money, as you may suppose, in running about, seeing sights, and laying in curiosities, and when I hinted the matter to my mother, she said we must wait until another half year's rents had come round.
Once on shore, however, they were in no haste to obey his orders, but rambled about in search of curiosities.