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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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The Accu-Cure is available as one of five packages: a complete conveyorized UV curing system with one or two curing heads, vacuum hold-down and exhaust system; curing heads with light guard assembly; vacuum hold-down retro-fit package; additional conveyer sections by the tbot.
New technology has once again arrived in the light curing unit arena.
Organic peroxides for curing polyester resins covering a range of temperatures and processing conditions.
Sabina is a brilliant Russian Jew whose intellect and beauty captivate Jung such that he's falling in love with her even as he's curing her.
In coldbox tooling design, it is necessary to create an atmosphere that allows the liquid amine to be converted to a vapor state for efficient curing of the core sand mass.
The most common is the curing oven, which is relatively inexpensive to operate.
and his colleagues report that the amount of potent carcinogens called nitrosamines in smokeless tobacco hinges on a crucial step in the plant's growing and production process, namely curing.
Fouling or buildup on the mold surface from repetitive curing of rubber parts can cause major problems.
After curing camphorquinone, the material has a bit of a yellowish tint.
3 The mold and core is then put into the curing oven for post-curing.
Peroxide curing of rubber continues to increase as higher performance requirements are said to necessitate the use of more durable rubber.
A new uv spot-curing system fitted with a four-pole light wand is said to allow uniform 360[degrees] curing of adhesives around the circumference of optical, medical, and electronic components.
Basic controls can minimize and contain any leaks during the curing process.