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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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The place breathed the very atmosphere of decay and death, and the imbecile ancient, curing in the smoke the token of death, was himself palsiedly shaking into the disintegration of the grave.
But the excitement of cutting out the Arangi had been communicated to his addled brain, and, with vague reminiscent flashes of the strength of life triumphant, he shared deliriously in this triumph of Somo by applying himself to the curing of the head that was in itself the concrete expression of triumph.
I would like to have the curing of your head," Ngurn changed the subject.
Ngurn had he failed to bribe with the inevitable curing of his head when he was dead.
A moment later, as I started down the companion stairs to lay the table for dinner, I heard him loudly curing some men amidships.
Then he withdrew, leaving in Alexey Alexandrovitch an unpleasant sense that something was wrong with him, and that there was no chance of curing it.
I believe few people have thought much upon the strange multitude of little things necessary in the providing, producing, curing, dressing, making, and finishing this one article of bread.
There were particular ways of doing everything in that family: particular ways of bleaching the linen, of making the cowslip wine, curing the hams, and keeping the bottled gooseberries; so that no daughter of that house could be indifferent to the privilege of having been born a Dodson, rather than a Gibson or a Watson.
com/research/z66vfw/china_tire_curing) has announced the addition of the "China Tire Curing Press Industry Report, 2015-2018" report to their offering.
Axcelis is the recognized leader in the semiconductor industry for UV curing technologies, with more than 2,000 curing systems worldwide.
The products include Chemlok 8114 for bonding Vamac, bisphenol curing FKM, polyacrylates, ethylene acrylic and peroxide cured EPDM elastomers; Chemlok 8115 for bonding sulfur cured NBR and Vamac elastomers; Chemlok 8116 for bonding peroxide curing compounds such as silicone, EPDM, FKM and HNBR elastomers; and Chemlok 8117 for bonding peroxide curing compounds such as silicones, EPDM, FKM and HNBR, as well as bisphenol compounds and Vamac elastomers.
A second, low-temperature heat-curing step is also required to cure a few "shadow areas" remaining after uv curing.
High-volume core production requires specialized equipment to mix and coat the sand, compact it in the corebox, dry the cores (as needed) and transport and stack the cores for final curing.
AUSTIN, Texas -- NovaCentrix, a leading nanotechnology products company with a focus on printable electronics, life sciences and energetics announced today the availability of a novel rapid curing technique called Photonic Curing.
The ProfileIR is a rubber curing system specifically designed to cure complex profiles used in the automotive and appliance industries.