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The counsel for the petitioner Farrukh Dal Advocate informed the court that Amicus curiae could not submitted their report on the matter.
The amicus curiae strangely wanted the By Harish V.
In a lengthy "interest of amicus curiae" section, the brief begins by stating, "TTJ's interest as amicus curiae is rooted in a deep commitment to the teachings of traditional Judaism-and it sees Zionism as running contrary to those teachings by pursuing a political (and military) solution to the problem of Jewish exile.
Raju who was quoted in the amicus curiae report of having received 17kg of gold for ornament-making, said he was quoted out of context in the report.
Particularly in common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom (18) or Canada, (19) where courts may appoint amici curiae to gather and submit research, amicus activity constitutes a civil law moment-one in -which a court can gather facts without relying on the efforts of the disputing parties before it.
Amici curiae which means "friends of the court" are parties that are not directly involved in a litigation, but believe they may be impacted or have views on the matter before by the court.
However, Amicus Curiae Ahmar Bilal Sufi argued that providing legal assistance to Saeed in the law suit filed by relatives of US nationals killed in the Mumbai 2008 attacks, would harm Pakistan.
But Florida courts have occasionally noted the assistance provided by amicus briefs ("As one amicus curiae in this case described the process.
In November, ONS joined with five other national organizations in filing an amicus curiae brief in support of the U.
In a case filed by gay couples seeking the right to marry in the state, more than 250 religious and civil rights groups on January 9 filed eight separate amicus curiae briefs urging the California appellate court to strike down laws banning same-sex marriage.
I have to declare an interest in that a year or so ago I did a misguided amicus curiae evaluation of the existing site.
The AICPA filed an amicus curiae brief supporting Andersen's successful position; and
Congressional participation as amicus curiae before the U.